For the first three and a half decades of my life, I have never been aware of the existence of conditions such as having thick or thin blood until six years ago when my husband was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease called pulmonary embolism where one of the main arteries of the lungs or any of its branches is blocked by blood clots caused by thick blood which prompted me to determine all possible remedies especially the best natural blood thinners that could be integrated in our everyday lives to avoid further complications associated with the illness, including death.

While it is undeniably more reassuring to rely on the prescription of a doctor who has specialized in the treatment of such a condition for years, using natural blood thinners is also helpful especially when pharmaceutical medication is relatively less affordable, more difficult to obtain without a prescription and can produce undesirable side effects such as headaches, stomach ulcers, or worse, internal bleeding or even kidney failure.  So far, my search has led me to discover that natural blood thinners are pleasantly just within our reach. They include water, exercise, spices and some vitamins.

Water Tops The List Of The Best Natural Blood Thinners

Since cholesterol is one of the causes of the obstruction of blood flow, blood cholesterol levels must therefore be reduced and the best way is to drink water. Water is the safest way to cleanse the body and eliminate these unwanted toxins.  On the other hand, allowing one self to be dehydrated increases acidity in the blood which in turn leads to an increase in cholesterol levels. The best thing about water is that it just comes out of my faucet and does not have any side effects unless it is contaminated.

Best Natural Blood Thinners: Exercise For Better Circulation

Another way to reduce cholesterol levels and other dangerous substances in the blood such as triglycerides which can also restrict blood flow by building up on artery walls is to exercise.  Of course, each person has to consider other factors in choosing the kind of exercise most suitable for his age and physical condition.  So far, the simplest form of exercise is walking.

Spicing Up The Blood Flow

There are many spices which also prevent the oxidation of harmful cholesterol and I am glad that I use them in my cooking.  Among them are: turmeric, which comes from the roots of a plant called curcuma longa and has long been used in Chinese and Indian medicine; ginger, which is also an anti-oxidant and has likewise been known for its medicinal properties for many centuries; garlic, which is an anti-coagulant as it contains salicylate that is also found in blood thinning medications like aspirin and has been found to slow down the hardening of arteries or atherosclerosis; and other spices such as chili or cayenne pepper, onions,  cinnamon, and oregano, which are all known to be anti-coagulants as well.

Vitamins To The Rescue

Of course, vitamins, which have always been associated with health, are there to solve every problem.  Among the vitamins which are considered as blood thinners are Vitamin B-6, Vitamin E, Vitamin D and Vitamin C.  Vitamin B-6 can lower cholesterol, unclog arteries and therefore prevent blood clots caused by cholesterol build-up.  Some sources of Vitamin B-6 are cereal, poultry like turkey and chicken and other kinds of meat such as beef and pork.  Fish like tuna, cod and salmon have been found to be rich in Vitamin B-6.

Among the vegetables, baked potatoes, broccoli, and even bell peppers—a common ingredient for pizza—are good sources of this vitamin.  Vitamin E is also prevents coagulation because it has been said to reduce platelet adhesion and prolong what doctors call “prothrombin” or blood-clotting time.  Sources of vitamin E mostly include nuts and oils such as wheat germ, corn, soybean, sunflower and safflower oil, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, peanuts and almonds while fruits rich in this vitamin are kiwi, mangoes and tomatoes.

Unfortunately, Vitamin D, which is used in treating heart ailments as it helps lower cholesterol, is found only in small amounts in food, particularly, fish like tuna and sardines.  However, we need not fear because we can get the greatest amounts of it freely by exposing ourselves to sunlight.  Finally, Vitamin C, which is also an anti-oxidant, keeps blood vessels healthy and can be found in strawberries and citrus fruits, all of which I can find in my cupboard and refrigerator.

Indeed, I am fortunate to have the best natural blood thinners on hand, aren’t you?

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